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Eavor Technologies case study

Eavor Technologies Inc

Eavor Technologies is a geothermal technology company headquartered in Calgary, with offices in the US, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan. Being at the forefront of their industry, their team continues to drive clean, scalable, and dispatchable power generation technology across the globe

Video case study calgary

Clear Peak Financial

ClearPeak Financial, a wealth management, group benefits consultant, and financial advisor wanted to explore using video for his business.

BOC utilized ClearPeak Financial’s branding to create an emotional and informative video that puts the expert in the shoes of his clients. Featuring ClearPeak Financial’s founder Dane, sharing some of his own personal experience with unforeseen family expenses during strenuous times. 

Dianomix was founded by two entrepreneurs with a vision for transforming retail on-demand delivery. The “ROBOX” was a proof of concept robot built to showcase its functionality in urban and rural areas, taking similar routes to a pedestrian. 

The Dianomix team had built some interest during their early stages of development. They wanted to utilize video to best showcase how the robot interacts with humans, as well as traffic signals, potential hazards and delivery. The team’s next step was to take “ROBOX” and showcase their video to new investors through an accelerator platform in Texas.

Exmerce is Calgary’s largest barter exchange network for local businesses.

We had the pleasure of working with their team to enhance their user experience and explore new avenues to offer their services to new subscribers.

Exmerce wanted a refreshed website that was simple to navigate for user’s to log in and interact with its marketplace, as well as an animated explainer video that simplifies what a barter exchange is.

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