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Paid Advertising

Use the quick navigation below to get an overview of the advertising options we offer to our clients. 

Advertising services

Search engine marketing has become widely popular by leading companies in every country around the world. If you’re business relies heavily on search engine visibility to drive web traffic, sales, and sales, then SEM may be a good fit for your marketing strategy. 

Social media continues to the most popular methods to communicating a brand’s  messaging to their audience. 

Our team can help grow your following while staying on brand to attract new leads, drive conversions, and more with paid advertising on social media. 

Display ad networks (programmatic advertising) is a popular way to advertise products/services on news and online publisher websites. 

Our team has several years of display ad campaign experience helping reduce the cost-per-click while improving the cost impressions, and click-through-rates. Display ad networks typically use a bidding system and require branding graphics and copywriting. Let our team handle the process, and prepare clear reports on your display advertising progress.

Remarketing is clever tool developed to improve the online user experience in a digital world full of ads. 

Ad fatigue is very real, and many online users feel it on a daily basis. 

Remarketing offers a way to only show your ads to online users that have already expressed interest in the product/service. 

These ads tends to feel less intrusive, and cater to an already expressed interest, typically resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

We LOVE videos. 


As with most seasoned marketers (we hope), creating an amazing video is one thing, but what you do with that video can truly move the needle for a business. 

Video marketing contains a variety of formats that cater to different purposes and audiences, such as explainer animations for complex processes, or product showcase videos contain a real product in a customers hands. The list goes on.

From YouTube advertising to broadcast television , we have seen it all. 

Our team can help you plan where to best place your video, and how to achieve the highest ROI for your videos.

Sponsored posts refer to articles in online news sites, content publishers, and/or other high-traffic blog websites. 

A sponsored post is a written article that promotes news about a company, or its products/services through a newsworthy published article. 

There is a lot of grey area here in regards to editorial best practices. Our team can help your brand craft the right sponsored post without an negative impact on your brand through careful planning and excellent storytelling.

Out of home advertising continues to be invaluable advertising method focused on building authoritative brand awareness around the world. 

Our team has ran international out of home campaigns that helped our clients reach audiences in specific locations they never thought was possible. 

Using a creative approach backed by data to inform our planning, we can get your brand seen by new audiences wherever they are in the world. 

Social Media

Social media in its simple form offers a company a direct method to communicate with its target audiences on their platforms.

From lead conversion to public notoriety for funding purposes, social media offers many companies the opportunity to have a voice.

Social Media Management

Whether your company is service, retail, non-profit or advocation oriented, in today’s digital world, a company should be perceived to be always in motion. Social media is a tool to offer public audiences insight into the brand identity, how the company works and its culture.

“Management” refers to how a company establishes their presence, tracks and interacts with comments and how quickly they respond to applicable industry updates or media notoriety. Here a few key elements:

  • Monitoring comments, likes, engagements, views, sentiment.
  • Consistent branding elements and key messaging across all channels.
  • Updates to hours, location information, new processes.
  • Responding to or forwarding customer/client inquiries to the applicable contact

Post Types

Social media can be a helpful tool for various different reasons. In reference to the specified objectives, in the case where social media is primarily used for brand awareness efforts, the post types will be created in reference to that focus. Here are a few segments of social post types:

  • Informational – Processes, Location(s), Service/Product offerings, Specialty services etc.
  • Educational – Value propositions, Warranties, Customer care, Reliability, Testimonials.
  • Brand Awareness – Photography, team, culture, community initiatives, blog content etc.
  • Showcase – Real customer examples, photography of actual services/products etc.
  • Industry-related – News publications, industry publications, mentions, press releases etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to the various options each social platform offers to promote, boost, sponsor or feature content to be disseminated to a particular audience.

Using similar content types as for organic posts, social media advertising managers offer various affinity-based targeting metrics to support the effectiveness of your advertising spend.

We live in an age where a company has the opportunity to capture invaluable data about who their core audiences are, what forms of content they tend to engage with, and to evaluate the return on their spend based on conversions from specific pieces of content. Don’t leave it to your competition, reach out find out more.

Here are some of the more prominent paid avenues in relation to social media marketing objectives:

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter


Brand Awareness

Local Awareness




Web Traffic


App Installs

Video Views

Lead Generation

Pre-roll Views



Catalog Sales

Store Visits

Store Visits

Job Applicants

Talent Leads


In-stream skippable ads
Using cost-per-view (CPV) bidding, you will pay whenever a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your video.

In-stream non-skippable ads
Using target Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) bidding, you pay based on the number of impressions you specify in your Google Ad console.

Video discovery ads
Uses cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, where you pay when a viewer clicks your thumbnail to watch your video.

Bumper ads
Using target CPM bidding, you pay based on the number of impressions you specify in your Google Ad console.

Masthead ads
Since these ads are only available on a reservation basis, you will be charged on a cost-perday (CPD) basis or a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) basis.