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Press Promotion

We understand that press and media notoriety can be invaluable to companies in their respected markets. BOC maintains paid access to the inboxes of over one million journalists across the globe, which offers our team an invaluable resource to any clients that pursue BOC as their service provider.

There are various forms of media, publicity, and press promotion opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Press releases through wire services.
  • Sponsored features in applicable news publications.
  • Sponsored features in applicable industry publications.
  • Media/Ad space across the Google Display Ad platform.
  • Repurposing media/publication features as marketing material.
  • Guest posting opportunities on applicable publications

Media Monitoring

In our experience, media monitoring can be a crucial part of what could be considered as a multi-lateral communications strategy. BOC maintains paid access to one of the best media monitoring software available to ensure any time a company’s name, C-Suite, or applicable shareholders are mentioned across the digital landscape is identified, tracked, and reviewed.

One important piece of public relations is to monitor what the public(s) know about a company, and what the overall sentiment is towards a company in their respected geographical locations. By utilizing BOC as a PR partner, we can track and report on the following areas:

  • Media exposure.
  • Potential audience reach.
  • Engagements with the brand.
  • Total engagement over a specific time period.
  • Public sentiment.
  • Media distribution across social platforms.
  • Topics/keywords that are the most attributed to the company.
  • Most active contributors throughout social platforms.
  • Geographic location coverage and country-specific heatmap.
Calgary media monitoring

Media Management

media management

In certain cases, BOC is open to acting as the communications department of a growing company. The sole purpose of that pursuit would be to remove the time and individual contact necessary to handle press inquiries, media requests, scheduling interviews, etc. In these cases, your company’s senior management would liaison with our office in regards to speaking with any form of media or speculators – thus gating the company’s senior management.

Top benefits of outsourcing media management:

  • C-suite and senior management do not respond to media requests. 
  • De-risks sensitive or material information being made public.
  • Formal policy around approved spokespersons and applicable guidelines.
  • Ensure the message being disseminated is on brand, aligns with the key messaging and core values of the company.
  • Opportunities based on our paid access to a global network of journalists.



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