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Website Design & Development

Every company is unique, and their website can be a primary tool to differentiate a company from its competition. Our in-house web developers will work with your team to develop a user-friendly, mobile optimized, structured website based on particular aspects of your business.  Every website we create comes with options to add custom criteria forms, calendar bookings, email newsletter sign-ups, traffic analysis and many more. From branding elements to on-page experience for SEO best practices, your website should comply with the tone and key messaging of your brand and support your sales process.

Transparent Process is Key

In many cases, a company website is the first place a potential customer or client will go to educate themselves on their buying decisions. 

Our team understands that first impressions are critical in the decision-making process of a buyer.

We work with our clients to bring their idea to life with the user top of mind. 

Check out our website development process below.

calgary website design

An initial discovery meeting with BOC’s team to share core functionality of the website and potential pain points, as well as creative design ideas, user considerations, content opportunities, conversion tracking and much more. 

BOC provides a custom PDF proposal that includes an cost for your website and considerations to discuss prior to starting the new website build.

During this phase, it’s best to have website/domain name(s) prepared. Our team can prepare all naming options. The name you choose should be your business name, or as relevant as possible both for your customers and for future SEO efforts.

What do you want your website to do?

Your new website should act as a valuable tool for your business. It provides value to almost everyone on your team – from sales staff to C-suite executives.

We explore what types of functionality is the most advantageous to you, whether it be lead magnets directed to a purchase page, to creating unique user ID’s so the user can navigate the site themselves using an internal search engine.

With a solid understanding of core businesses goals, your new website can be build to support the success of your business strategy. 

Websites need to be simple to navigate and easily understood by search engines like Google. 

The first step of the development of your website, our team creates the framework of your pages, typography, links, and media assets.

Our team curates the most beneficial hosting packages from leading hosting providers around the world. Whether your goal is local or international visibility, we tailor our recommendations to your business objectives.

During this phase we test for speed and mobile-friendly browsing to ensure your website meets technical standards now and into the future. 

Now that the foundation is built, our team creates unique content tailored to your brand’s style and messaging. 

This is where our SEO specialist will optimize each page for heading tags, keywords, blog creation, media sizing, link opportunities, and more. 

This phase will get your new website filled with visually appealing and helpful content for your website visitors. 

Now that we have the sitemap configured and the page content created, our talented graphic designer(s) use their eye for detail to help give your website that wow factor. 

Our motto is creative intelligence. This is where we take industry insights, competitive analysis, and expertise in graphic design to make aesthetic design decisions that relate to online buyer behavior.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Your new website is launched. 

Almost every action taken by a user to get to and interact with your website can be tracked. Our team uses industry leading data analysis tools to offer our clients a competitive advantage in their markets. 

Tailored to your preferences, our team can track, monitor, and report on valuable audience data that can inform all areas of your marketing and communications strategy on and off the digital space.

We submit your sitemap so search engines can find your website. This allows your website and its content to be found by user’s through search engines.

Administrative access is privately shared with the client to ensure they withhold ownership of their new website, data analysis tools, and applicable hosting accounts.  

Hosting Services

Where BOC takes pride in each and every website our team creates, we continue to offer our clients to best prices possible for website hosting plans. 

Being well versed in the many hosting providers available, we make our recommendations based on recommended data allowance and perceived value for your money. Once a hosting plan is chosen, our team takes care of the rest. 

Some of Our Client Websites