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Strategic Communications Planning

All successful marketing efforts strain from a strategic communications plan. At BOC, we pride ourselves on the approach we use for new clients looking to build out a multi-lateral strategy.

While every company’s goals and objectives are unique, we sit down with your team to decipher the company’s values, vision, audience(s), presence in the market and the core objectives that the company is working towards. With this information, our team can provide our recommendations, KPI’s, project management medium and put your strategy into action.

As noted below, BOC welcomes any clients who pursue a strategic planning session to take their plan to execute in-house, however, our team is always open to working with new clients and supporting the execution of their strategic communications plan.

strategic planning

Our Process:

  • Discovery call with BOC team member(s).
  • Client in-take questionnaire sent to client contact.
  • Upon completion, a custom agenda is prepared and sent to the client contact for review prior to the session.
  • Both parties agree on a time, date and location to conduct the session, calendar invites are sent to all applicable team members.
  • The strategic planning session duration is typically 3-4 hours. The agenda offers a time-efficient session, covering crucial points of discussion.
  • Post-session, the company will receive a strategic communications overview document, which includes a re-iteration of the session, objectives, the audience breakdown, the strategic approach to each medium, defined marketing vehicles and next steps.
  • Upon receipt of the document, the client has the choice of managing their strategic communications plan internally or pursue BOC as their service provider.

Getting the Messaging Right

What you say as a company can make or break a brand’s public perception. 

With a deep understanding of what you do, why you do it, and what you want public audiences to know, our team can help craft your message to stand the test of time. 

Stand out from your competitors, create consistency, and give your audiences something to remember. 

How you Communicate

How do you take a complex business and make it simple to understand?

The answer is through research, testing, competitive analysis, and of course,  open discussion with seasoned marketers.

Working with our team, you will receive the care and consideration for how you communicate with audiences.

Our team can add a level of security to sensitive information, maintain your company image, and most importantly – what not to do. 

Communications planning

Targetted Placements

Our team has been meeting specific audiences with targeted media placements for many years. 

One priority area of a strategic communications plan is not just analyzing who your audiences are, it’s heavily influenced by where they consume content right now. 

Publishing content out into the void won’t get you far.

Utilizing data analytics and over a decade of experience, we take of placing your brand where your audiences already consume content.

Roadmap for the Future

Where do you see your company in 2 to 5 years?

Is there accountability in place?

A strategic communications plan encapsulates your marketing vehicles, content strategy, the mediums used to share your message, the people you want to reach, and how you’ll reach your company objectives. 

Sitting down with your team for a half-day strategic planning session puts your plan on paper with mechanisms in place for reporting. Let us handle the execution.

marketing roadmap