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Eavor Technologies Case Study

Eavor Technologies is a geothermal technology company headquartered in Calgary, with offices in the US, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan. Being at the forefront of their industry, their team continues to drive clean, scalable, and dispatchable power generation technology across the globe.

Eavor Technologies


Enabling Local Clean Energy Autonomy. Everywhere.


Eavor wanted to show the world their unique solution to traditional geothermal technology. Their energy solution catered to both groups, in reality, being clean, with zero emissions and would support oil and gas workers with employment as Eavor’s technology uses very similar skill sets to oil and gas.

A key part of their message was to ensure that their technology could be instrumental in changing the world. Additionally, they wanted to ensure they couldn’t be taken left or right, their solution is for everyone and only BOC understood that.

Social Media Marketing

As part of their overarching campaign, social media was key to ensuring a continuous flow of content for brand awareness, press releases, awards, partnerships, collaborations and guest speaking events.

With that, our creative team works diligently to inspire and incentivize viewers to learn more about their technology by curating key messaging and photography that aligns with their brand. The goal is to add a certain level of grandiose through their branding and content. Additionally, to strive towards inspiration and optimism for clean power generation in Canada due to the lack of progress from alternatives.

Blog Graphics

Social Media Management

A key part of our strategy with Eavor Technologies Inc is crafting standard social media posts designed for each specific platform. We maintain brand consistency with the imagery and messaging while also maintaining the functionality of the posts we create. We use relevant hashtags and links to ensure the maximum possible organic reach, while also maintaining the correct format based on industry standards. We monitor engagements, comments, and likes and provide analytical reports based on these efforts.

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Video Production

The team at Eavor Technologies is always open to creativity and innovative ideas. We have had the pleasure of collaborating on a number of projects to continue to inspire and inform the world about their groundbreaking technology. As we continue to drive awareness around the world with social media followers in over 45 countries, we ensure that all video material is translated into appropriate languages relating to their primary markets.

The Eavor Harmony video was a special project for both teams. The goal was to reach outside of the realm of technological information and strive towards excitement, inspiration, and most importantly, to bring harmony to a polarized energy industry.

Throughout the production of this video, we worked with our select production crew and managed the development of the project. Therein after, with the press connections we have at Business On Camera, Eavor had Harmony featured in the Rolling Stone on October 2nd, 2020.

Harmony has been viewed on Twitter over 450,000 times in the EU, Asia, US, and Canada. The Rolling Stone article that featured “Harmony” was viewed over 760,000 times by mobile and desktop users in 2020.

Social Videos

As Business On Camera began specializing in documentary film making since 2010, we always enjoy the process of creating videos for our clients. With the depth of knowledge we bring from years of social media marketing, creating short videos are a great way to promote Eavor Technologies in a way that was both entertaining and informative to the viewer. One of many goals was to leave the viewer wanting to learn more, rather than extrapolating all of the technical information into a long-form video.

Explainer Animations

As visual learners, an animated explainer is a fantastic way take complex technology and disseminate it through an entertaining and informative video. Acting as a valuable business development asset, they can also benefit many areas of communication to valuable audiences. The animated explainers we have created for Eavor has received thousands of views on social media, leading to more and more people understanding their work, advocating for their solution, and getting a better understanding the value their technology has on a global scale.

One example below is the “How Eavor Works” video, which has received over 250,000 views on Youtube.

Eavor-Lite™ Virtual Reality Tour

2020 had been a difficult year of travel disruptions, social distancing guidelines and self-isolation post travel. For Eavor Technologies, they were prepared for a prosperous year with having intrigued parties, investors and foreign diplomats come visit their proof of concept site in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The tour consists of a guided walkthrough of the facility and team members dotted throughout the site to offer deeper insight.

To address the issue of restricted travel, Eavor Technologies, being a forward thinking company collaborated with our team to create a virtual reality walking tour of their Eavor-Lite™ facility. This allowed all parties mentioned or any other interested parties to be fully immersed at their site with a VR headset. To support their growth and potential investors, this gave Eavor Technologies an incredible asset that they could use as a way to tour the facility. In addition to creating the tour, the Business On Camera team worked with multiple press outlets and created branded packaging for Oculus Quest VR headsets to be sent to a select number of interested parties. The tour is now available to view on a desktop and/or mobile on their website.

Take the Eavor-Lite virtual tour.

Eavor-lite virtual your
Eavor-lite virtual your

Smartphone App

Being an industry leader, Eavor Technologies is on the cusp of new opportunities to communicate its message with many audience groups. Their team wanted to explore new ways to create business development support assets, as well as a hub of everything they do that could aid in promoting who they are. 

The Eavor Technologies app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Aggregating the social feeds of Eavors key staff, a hub for technical information, videos, and other valuable information can all be found in one place. Offering a deeper understanding that takes less navigation online or through whitepapers. 

Content Creation

Content creation goes hand in hand with public relations and social media management. Working with the Eavor Technologies team, there is never a dull moment. We see content creation as a continuous stream that is ever-evolving. Our process is built upon branding alignment and adhering to key messaging to again, inspire, inform and entertain a broader audience while curating specific messaging for target audiences.

Media Kit

Media Kits are a great way to distill what a company is. For a company like Eavor Technologies, they are in a market that press and industry publications may want to research their technology. Media Kits can act as an entry point for a researcher and/or journalist and could offer the opportunity to capture more public attention.

This document encapsulates the technical information required to understand how their technology works, offer deeper insight into their team, awards and highlighted press features. For us as marketers, we wanted to capture that information that was aligned with their strong branding.

See the full Eavor Technologies Media Kit.

Content writing

Content creation is key to managing public relations and social media. However, as part of our services, we also aim to increase Eavor Technologies’ rank on search engines such as Google. In the case of an event, press release, guest speaking, feature, and updates, our team works to write a post focused around target keywords to not only inform their audience but to also benefit their long term SERP rankings.

Public Relations

Public Relations contains a lot mediums, connections and knowledge of high authority publications that could aid in growing awareness for Eavor Technologies whilst benefiting their SEO. Our team acts as their communications when the opportunity arises. By creating a healthy relationship between all parties, everyone benefits from the content. Here are some examples of Eavor featured in popular publications.

Rolling Stone


Eavor politico

The New York Times

The Globe and Mail

Eavor Globe and Mail


eavor politico

Bloomberg Green

Think GeoEnergy


Daily Oil Bulletin

Trade Shows

BOC Trade Show
BOC Trade Show Booth
Energy Trade Show

Press Stunt - California

Eavor California
Obelisk in the desert
Desert Obelisk
Strange Obelisk