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Two technically skilled entrepreneurs set off on their journey to build an autonomous delivery robot for B2C stores. Beginning with a plan to build a robot that was functionally sound, they also had to ensure safe use, risk mitigation, and navigation.

Understanding the broad market opportunities for the future, these two entrepreneurs set a path for mentorship through an accelerator program in Texas. To aid in their success through the accelerator program and to also offer interested stakeholders an authentic visual example of the purpose and capabilities of their robot.

Videography Calgary

BOC worked closely with the Dianomix team to create a video that gave a visual representation of a full cycle journey from an initial loading of the robot, to home delivery, to return to the retailer for reloading.  The videography included drone filming, static shots, tracking, and light animation. 

The text overlays offer the various value propositions that would be traditionally spoken through presentations. With their video, they now have a business development asset that may prove to be invaluable as they continue to evolve their market strategy.

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