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Detailz Case Study

Detailz is a Calgary-based premium car and truck detailing business. We had the pleasure of working with their team to produce a brand new website, a series of social media video content and have ran a number of high-performing social media marketing campaigns.


  • Create a new website that encapsulates their brand, focuses on their target audience and is optimized for local SEO.
  • To create a catalog of social media content.
  • Social media management.
  • PPC Advertising.
detailz case study website

The new Detailz website features a number of branded elements, images of high performance vehicles and before/after widgets to provide a visual example of what their customers can expect.

The new site has a clean site structure, is optimized for local SEO, and encapsulates the level of quality they offer their customers. 

Visit the Detailz website.

Social Media Video Content

Part of the video series included a number of ASMR-style videos for car and truck fanatics. 


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