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Energy Council of Canada holds a panel about Indigenous Collaboration in Energy Industry

The Energy Council of Canada (ECC), in collaboration with ATCO Ltd. and the Saa Dene Group of Companies, organized a panel discussion spotlighting Indigenous energy initiatives.

The panel featured influential figures, including Chief Jim Boucher, co-founder of the Saa Dene Group of Companies, and Chief Charles Weasel Head Jr., former Blood Tribe Chief and former Chancellor of the University of Lethbridge.

Chief Boucher and Chief Weasel Head Jr. emphasized the importance of equitable and respectful resolutions. They shared their experiences in nurturing enterprises that empower Indigenous communities to actively participate in Alberta’s energy sector. Their collaborative partnerships and commercial principles were highlighted, along with the challenges they faced due to the termination of some projects.

Furthermore, the panel also discussed the important role of education within Indigenous communities. It emphasized that increased access to education not only unlocks greater opportunities for Indigenous youth, but it also enables more substantial contributions to the communities.

Sponsored by ECC, this event drew on the wisdom of Indigenous enterprise leaders, promoting mutual respect and education as essential elements for a more inclusive and promising energy future.