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WeMaple Case Study

WeMaple was created to celebrate culture, creativity and discussion around social issues in Canada. In collaboration with Calgary Arts Development, we created a mini-documentary series to inspire Canadians of all ages. Within this series included bringing a number of thought leaders to a place where the conversation about polarized topics could be viewed from both sides. Most importantly, to offer a deeper insight into what it means to be a Canadian, and why we should celebrate our culture and artistic minds.

The Storytelling Project

As part of the WeMaple mini-documentary series was “The Storytelling Project”. It consisted of collaborating with multiple artists, creative individuals, and local organizations in Calgary.

The Storytelling Project raises awareness about Calgarians who, by living creative lives, are making Calgary a better city, effecting positive change and enriching others’ lives. 

Services Provided

WeMaple - The Energy Conversation

With Alberta being a hub for oil and gas production, there has been years of polarization around climate change, the transition to renewables and the misdirected information on our country’s reliance on traditional power.

Throughout this project, we experienced varied opinions from thought leaders in the energy space. Our objective was to bring balance to the energy conversation and to offer a new layer of transparency into the challenges we face together as Canadians.

Our focus was “talking head” style interview videography with text over-laid to emphasis key phrases spoken by the interviewee. To date, we have created 197 short videos from these interviews.

See the full collection here.

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