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Google Reveals New AI Tool For User Engagement

Google announced several new AI-powered features at their recent Google Marketing Live(GML) conference. The innovations are designed to produce more engaging and visible ads throughout the online search process.

One of the major announcements was Google testing new ad placements within its Search Generative Experience (SGE). This is an experimental program that uses AI to summarize search query responses in a natural language instead of listing numerous links. This means users may soon see ads integrated directly into the AI-generated responses. 

Another significant feature introduced is a tool that allows advertisers to create simple animations from single still images, whether they are photographs, illustrations or AI-generated images. Demonstrated by Jeff Harrell, Google’s senior director of shopping, this feature is part of Google’s Product Studio. Harrell showcased an example where a static image of a boot on a beach was transformed into an animated ad, with a panning camera effect and moving waves. Google stated that this could be a huge step for any industry as it completely changes steps taken in the modern method of marketing before AI. Although Google did not provide specific performance metrics, they indicated that animated ads generally outperform still ads on their platform. 

Additionally, Google revealed plans to integrate brand-specific fonts and colour schemes into ads through its Performance Max platform, allowing advertisers to maintain brand consistency across various ad formats. This not only simplifies being consistent with a niche, which is of the utmost importance for all brands and companies but it saves time from using third-party applications to transfer and match fonts or schemes across multiple platforms. For any creative marketing or media company, this could change the way brands are pitching and marketing their goals and products. 

The reveal of these AI-driven features comes as no surprise as AI is becoming the newest trend within all industries. Major tech companies such as Meta and Microsoft are also investing heavily in generative AI-powered advertising capabilities. Meta recently introduced new image- and text-generating features, while Microsoft continues to leverage GPT-4 in its Bing search engine. The ongoing competition between major tech giants pushes them to create and develop more software.

As the landscape of online advertising evolves, Google remains at the forefront of innovation, using the power of AI to deliver more personalized and engaging experiences for advertisers and users.