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4 Ways to Leverage Email for Boosting Organic Traffic

Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

Consistent blogging can hold great potential for businesses, offering a pathway to boosted credibility, improved SEO, and an increase in leads and revenue. According to Hubspot’s 2023 State of Marketing report, blogs remain present within the top marketing channels that offer the highest return on investment (ROI).

However, this data shows that the quality of the blog, which is tailored to the right audience, matters. There are certain aspects about a blog that are essential for not only capturing your viewers’ attention, but maintaining it long term. To achieve this, Hubspot offers some key insights into some general reasons why people read blogs.

To effectively engage readers, understanding their motivations is important. Hubspot’s survey revealed three key reasons why people seek out blog content: 

  1. 62% of respondents wish to learn something new.
  1. 51% want entertainment and as a way to pass the time.
  1. 42% wish to stay updated on news and trends within their industries.

Hubspot also highlighted the top three reasons why readers would stop scrolling through a blog post.

  1. The blog’s language is too vague or is poorly written. This could be due to poor editing, little clarity considered, or run-on sentences.
  2. The writer takes too long to get to the point, and buries the most exciting statements somewhere within the main body rather than closer to the beginning.
  3. The blog is too text-heavy or has excessive length. This can be solved by adding graphics, bullet points, videos, or other forms of media that make information more engaging.

Regardless of the content you want to provide your readers, a clear and concise message is key. By aligning your blogging strategy with reader preferences, you can maximize its impact and drive tangible results for your business. Blogging presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience, establish authority in their industry, and drive meaningful engagement.

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