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BOC Quoted in Rolling Stone for Harmony

Published on October 2nd 2020, an article on Eavor Technologies was featured in Rolling Stone for their “Harmony” video campaign. This piece covered a deeper insight into their company, technology and to introduce the “Harmony” video to public audiences. Noted in our case study, the Eavor “Harmony” video was a special project for both teams. The objective was to reach outside of the realm of technological information and strive towards excitement, inspiration, and most importantly, to bring harmony to the polarized energy industry. 

Founded in 2010, Business On Camera specializes in video communications, public relations, and digital marketing. Noted in the quote below, BOC produced and managed the “Harmony” video campaign to align with Eavor Technologies’ brand and vision for the future. 

“As in the video, there is a parallel between our world and music. When music is out of key it’s excruciating, not uplifting. The same goes for our world and how we take care of it. Eavor is a company that Business on Camera, and the 25 Albertans who helped produce this, are grateful to be associated with”. 

Matt Keay, CEO of Business On Camera

As the production agency for this video, we were confident that the message would be digested as Eavor Technologies facilitating authentic answers to the energy transitions’ biggest questions. Our team was fortunate to collaborate with their team and pleased to create the notoriety that came from this production. Additionally, the visibility captured by this project offered our client to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of Rolling Stone readers that the article received. 

The Eavor “Harmony” video has been viewed on Twitter over 450,000 times in the EU, Asia, US, and Canada. The Rolling Stone article that featured “Harmony” was viewed over 760,000 times by mobile and desktop users.

Eavor Technologies was the recipient of three awards in the Marcom Awards 2020. The “Harmony” campaign received the Gold Award for Strategic Communications for a campaign in the Marketing and Promotional Campaign/Branding category. This award recognized the “Harmony” brand video and article “The Energy of the Future Right Beneath Your Feet” placement in Rolling Stone.

See the Rolling Stone article here.