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Business On Camera (BOC) is a digital marketing and PR agency based in Calgary, AB.

Our team supports companies who want to push for success, make their mark in their industry, and create a better future for themselves and their end-users. 

With a specialty in video production and content creation, learn more about BOC and discover if our local team of marketing specialists is the right fit for your business.


We don't just produce videos. Every piece of video content we create with our clients should relate to a strategic business objective.

From branded video content to animated explainers, learn more about the most effective mediums used today.


Is social media relevant to your business objectives?

Where some brands dive headfirst, we take the time to ask you difficult questions before you spend a dime to ensure your budget is well-spent.


Content gives your business life.

Whether it be written, graphic, or video, our team of 'outside the box' creatives work with your team to capture the essence of your brands identity, strategically implemented to benefit SEO, website traffic, lead acquisition, and many more.


PR isn't just press and wire services.

It's about understanding and managing how your brand is received by public audiences.

All great, long standing brands have a communications strategy that evolves as they do. We can help your team put their best foot forward and ensure sensitive information is safeguarded through efficient communications planning.


You may not have a logo, branded materials, or your brand simply needs a refresh. Brand design is much more than imagery and colors.

Many of your favorite brands were designed with purpose. We help design your brand to fit your vision, messaging, and create a unique aesthetic to make your brand memorable.


The world of digital commerce has changed greatly over the last ten years.

Using industry leading software tied, SEO techniques and mobile friendly design, will help your business continue to thrive as the digital economy keeps evolving.

Creating websites with SEO as a priority, your website will not only look great, load fast, and be a critical asset to your business, you can meet online search user's questions and help them take action.

It's All About the End-User


of all marketers in the State of Video Marketing Survey 2021 by Wyzowl who use video say that it’s critical to their marketing strategy, with 87% of marketers stating video gave them a positive return on their investment.


of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day. 28% of those searches result in a purchase, according to Think With Google.


Of all respondents in the 2021 Global CEO Survey by PWC plan to significantly increase their digital transformation initiatives over the next three years.


The number one way customers are moving from discovering a brand to purchasing its products/services is Video Advertising, according to the Social Video Trends: Consumer Insights for 2020 by Animoto.

Questions to ask yourself

Whether your primary source of revenue is through referrals or niche offerings, or if your company cannot be found online, your competition can. We emphasize every new client pick 5 to 10 search queries and see if your business can be found through search engines. If not, there’s work to be done. 

Deciphering how your business is being found currently, allows for new strategies to be explored, optimize processes and ensure new customers can find your business when considering a purchase.

Every business is unique, just like every entrepreneurs vision is unique. Yes, investing in marketing and PR can be a risk in certain situations. Using data to define the value of new acquisitions can inform an appropriate investment, which will ultimately de-risk your marketing spend. Will acquiring new business pay off your marketing investment and more? Do you feel stuck on ways to acquire new leads? That’s where we can help.

If we look at the life cycle of a new buyer, we have three primary stages – Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Regardless of your industry or the context of your business development process, by focusing efforts on each of these key areas, your offerings will satisfy the criteria a new buyer needs to consider your brand and pull the trigger on a purchase. 

In competitive markets, how do you satisfy the needs of a buyer from an initial idea to completing a transaction?

The environment in which businesses market their offerings is ever changing. From traditional to digital, the communication mediums and the landscape in which businesses compete has never offered more opportunities to reach and track audience behavior. Is your business keeping up with your audiences?  

With every business and founder being unique, so should the means in which that business communicates with audience groups. Utilizing industry leading tools, our team can help you develop who your core audiences are based on affinity-categorization, and analyze the path of your buyers to ultimately benefit the effectiveness of ‘the how’, ‘the when’ and ‘the where’. 

Case Studies

Eavor Technologies is a geothermal technology company headquartered in Calgary, with offices in the US, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan. Being at the forefront of their industry, their team continues to drive clean, scalable, and dispatchable power generation technology across the globe.

Click on the image to see the Eavor Technologies case study.

WeMaple Case Study
Mini-Doc Series: The Storytelling Project and The Energy Conversation
See Case Study

These guys were fantastic! They recorded our entire wedding on zoom and did a wonderful job. They pieced it together with Beatles music, our grandkids and took the time and attention to detail to make it a masterpiece even during COVID great job guys

Karen Simmons

Matt’s greatest asset is the way he breaks down every business challenge and helps you map out a step-by-step plan to success. Thanks for everything Matt!

Mihai V.

Business on Camera is a team of professionals that have helped my company the Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art and Framing with our corporate communications. Business on Camera has created fantastic video marketing for our company. It’s been an awesome experience! Thanks to Matt and his superb team of creative minds!

Barbara La Pointe

Highly recommend BOC if you want to receive outstanding service, cutting edge ideas and ultimately help make whatever project you need to complete.

Elevate Media

I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt and the BOC team. I went to them with a vision for a website rebrand and a video membership site and they surpassed all of my expectations! Not only did they produce an incredible video site and a beautiful website, they were wonderful to work with. Great communication all of the way through. I highly recommend Business on Camera.

Andrea G.
Blissful Nights
Amazing People We Have Helped


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