Solar Hero


Solar Hero Movie Trailer
BOC Documentary Film Project

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Without a doubt, environmentalism is one of the most, if not the most pressing and relevant issue of recent times. A general concern for the future of the planet, and a push towards conservation and clean energy has slowly begun to dominate modern culture in everything from science to the media and the home. Consumers are becoming more eco-friendly, more environmentally aware, as celebrities race each other to see who can roll up to the red carpet in the most efficient vehicle. If anything, the new “Green” buzz proves that not only are environmentalism and conservation essential for future generations, they can be exciting for present ones

The Solar Decathlon, held every second year in Washington D.C. by the US Department of Energy, is an event that combines both the practical, and the exciting and spectacular nature of environmentalism. Approximately twenty teams consisting of college and university students from around the world gather to compete to see who can build the most viable solar-powered home. The criteria for the homes is not based solely on efficiency, but on quality of construction and aesthetic consideration, and such as it is the Solar Decathlon is not only a race to build the most scientifically ingenious home, but a race to provide the blueprint for the next generation of viable and desirable eco-friendly homes. As a televised documentary, the Solar Decathlon prospectively provides a wealth of culturally relevant and fundamentally intriguing television opportunities. Its environmentally geared subject taps into the current direction of our now eco-conscious culture, and this documentary film not only serves as a legacy project for the team but demonstrates our ability to produce feature documentary film projects.


The Solar Hero documentary follows Team Alberta as they compete in the Solar Decathlon. All the way from the inception of the project, back in 2007, through to Washington, DC in October 2009. A summary is given relating the general progress of the team, their next few steps, and any possible foreseeable obstacles along the way. Interviews have been conducted with team members to capture personal opinions of the project, its current status, and feelings about one’s own team and the other competitors. Animated footage would provide information on the general status of each team in relation to the others, as well as provide practical environmental information
for around the house and the workplace. Solar Hero is a window on the best young minds in Alberta working brilliantly to create new avenues in solar living.