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Business on Camera (BOC) is an independent visual public relations firm specializing in corporate communications and video marketing.
We work with different levels of government, academia and local & international business to deliver effective communication solutions through video. From concept through to strategic delivery, our team of video business professionals will work with you to deliver results on time and on budget.
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Featured Projects

Energy Convo Documentary

The energyconvo documentary explores the energy space in a way that has never before been shown on film. It begins with a deep exploration of climate, economics, technology, culture, politics and security as they relate to the world’s growing demand for fuel and electricity. The various sources of energy available are discussed from a range of diverse perspectives. An uncommon, neuron-firing conversation with sustainability outliers, leading environmental philosophers, captains of industry, policy wonks, and those on the extremes leads to insights and as yet undreamed of worlds.

We’ve had enough!

The Calgary Police aimed to develop a series of emotional videos to help spread the message that impaired driving is not acceptable.  The public was encouraged to share their own videos related to impaired driving and spread awareness through social media,and on Twitter using the has tag #hadenough.  Working with Calgary Police, BOC has produced a half hour documentary scheduled for TV broadcast September 2013.  For more on the Black & White campaign go to the BOC Projects section below.

Good Neighbour in the Lakeland

BOC Produced this video for Osum ahead of their ERCB (Energy Resources Conservation Board) hearing as they sought approval for their Taiga development. The video addresses many of the questions and concerns that Lakeland residents have about oil sands development in the area. The Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland, was interviewed about Osum’s Taiga project, along with other stakeholders. This video also highlights the relationship that Osum has formed with local schools and the Cold Lake Ice hockey team. We are pleased to announce Osum’s request was approved by the ERCB.